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1031 Exchanges

Like-Kind. Marketplace. Invest and Mitigate.

The Benefits of a 1031 Exchange

The primary benefit of a 1031 exchange is that it allows you to defer paying capital gains taxes on the sale of a property. This means that you can reinvest the full amount of the sale into another property and potentially increase your overall return on investment.


Additionally, 1031 exchanges allow for a significant increase in purchasing power, as you're able to leverage the equity in your existing property to purchase a more expensive replacement property.

How Does a 1031 Exchange Work?

The 1031 exchange process involves several steps. First, you must identify the property you wish to sell and provide notice to a qualified intermediary. This intermediary will hold onto the proceeds from the sale of your property until you identify a like-kind replacement property.

You then have 45 days to identify the replacement property and must close on the new property within 180 days of selling the original property. The replacement property must also be of equal or greater value than the property sold to qualify for the tax deferral.

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